Responsible Use of ACORN

The Accessible Campus Online Resource Network (ACORN) provides students and alumni of the University of Toronto with direct access to certain portions of their University records. To gain access to ACORN, a valid UTORid and password are required. Current students and recent graduates will be prompted for UTORMFA multi-factor authentication when logging in. U of T alumni without a UTORid can access their transcript through

Students can add and drop courses, order transcripts, pay fees by credit card, update addresses, etc. Alumni can order transcripts. Some services such as course enrolment are available only during periods specified by relevant faculties or organizations.

You are expected to be responsible when using ACORN. Students are only authorized to use ACORN on their own behalf for appropriate purposes as set out above. You must not attempt to flood the system with requests, or to automate the process of course enrolment. Such activity can disrupt the system and result in other students being denied access or experiencing degraded performance. Any such activity is unauthorized and inappropriate and may result in the loss of access to University technology. Any such unauthorized use of University facilities may also be a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and as such subject to penalties up to and including suspension or expulsion.